Kir d'Lyrander


Kir is a famous bard from House Lyrander. His family is out of favour due to the exploits of his grandfather and has been reduced to 3 skyships, but recently two of those went missing en-route to Wroat and Sharn. House Lyrander (unusually) seemed reluctant to investigate, so Kir taken it on himself to find out what is going on He had been following a trail of goods that he found that had been part of the load of one of the missing skyships and found that they had been bought from a merchant based in Xandrar. That merchant reveiled that he had bought them from a small town called Womford. The merchant in Womford (after much pursuasion) told Kir he had bought the goods from a sailor called Scholar Quanderil. This sailor was recently murdered, but he was associated with the Rivergard Keep – a small river keep inland a small way.

Kir had travelled to Rivergard Keep to find out what they know and was welcomed in and escorted to the owner of the keep – Jolliver Grimjaw. However when Kir start probing as to the whereabouts of the goods Jollivar started shouting at Kir. Kir then realised that all of Jollivars men were drawing their weapons and that he had perhaps gone too far, when shouting is heard outside the main hall – “Intruders, Intruders in the dock”. A rough looking fellow runs into the hall.

“Sir, sir, there are intruders in the docks. It’s those bastards from Xandrar again. They are killing everyone”

“Are they now”, growls Jollivar, “I’ll see about that.” and before Kir’s eyes he transforms into a wereboar. He looks at Kir, “Stay here, I’ll deal with you later”. And he and his men leave the hall.

Kir decides that ‘staying here’ is the last thing he should do, but also realises that leaving through the main door of the keep may not be wise or possible. Instead he goes upstairs, finds a window to squeeze through, and climbs down the side of the keep outside.

He then starts the head back down towards the main road, but decides that staying on the path would also not be wise, so he goes off track, beside the river and makes his way carefully and silently through the rough terrain and undergrowth.

As he progresses he sees three other people also sneaking through the undergrowth – a dragonborn male, a halfling male and a human female. However they also see him, so quietly and quickly they interrogate each other and realise that they are all escaping Rivergard Keep. They head off together, travelling through the rest of the day and the night until they find the main road heading to Xandrar.

Kir has met Mythoras, Tito and Layna and they decide to travel together on the road. Kir realises that the trio have uncovered some sort of conspiracy and requests to help them. They are happy to have another set of hands after the loss of their friend Aimn Lu and so Kir is welcomed to the party.

Kir d'Lyrander

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