Sir Isteval

Paladin of Durnik, The Silver Flame




Isteval is a former adventurer and Knight of Thrane, living out his retirement in Xandrar. Believing that the Silver Flame, and the example of Durnik, was a lighthouse to the world, he fought boldly against the dead when they rose from the grave to threaten all of civilization as well as other evils.

As his power grew, he assembled several different groups of like-minded adventurers from across Khorvaire to help save the world. His former companions are spread across Khorvaire.

In a fateful battle against a vampire, Isteval suffered a grievous wound to his leg that has never fully healed. His wounded leg means that Isteval’s greatest quests now lie behind him, but he has never lost his vision that the Silver Flame was a beacon and bastion against encroaching darkness.

He is now the Captain of Security for Xandrar and is trusted implicitly by Mayor Garrit Tommran.

He has employed the party to investigate sensitive issues.

Sir Isteval

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