Bard from the Temple of Air


Windharrow has spent quite a bit of time in the Feywild, after he accidentally stumbled through a weak point in the world. When he came back, the world had changed. However he had come back (accidentally) with Aerisi Kalinoth, an elvish princess he had been having a dalliance with, they spent some time wandering together. On one of their adventures they discovered a spear, obviously highly magical. Aerisi took it, and then her personality slowly began to change. Since then she has slowly built up the cult, working with the Feathergale Knights to find recruits.

However Windharrow began to worry, Aerisi was becoming more capricious, killing her followers for the slightest infraction, real or imagined. She began treating Windharrow with disdain and he was beginning to worry about his chances of survival. Luckily for him, that was when the heroes arrived and rescued him.


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