Eberron Revisited - Heroes of Xandrar

Battle in the Lizard temple
20th of Aryth 1036

The party go down the stairs into ancient preservation and burial chambers for the priests of Dol Arrah. Apart from a short battle against a gray ooze, they find little of interest apart from stairs going further down.

As they descend the stairs they see a light off ahead and in the light they can see some lizardfolk watching something off to the side in rapt attention. They also hear the sound of drums. Tito and Layna decide to sneak down and see what is going on, but Tito slips on a damp stair, landing badly and alerting one of the lizardfolk to their presence.

Tito rushes in to attack before they can react, but realises that there are actually more lizardfolk that he saw from the stairwell. He is surrounded and cut down. Layna rushes down the stairs to try and save him, but is attacked herself and cannot get to them. The battle appears to be more than they can handle and the party consider retreat, but that option is removed from them when what appears to be a lizardfolk shaman casts a summoning spell, filling the stairwell behind them with 8 giant lizards. However Layna manages to battle her way to the shaman and hits it, causing it to loose concentration on the spell. The lizards disappear. But not before they have caused awful damage to the heroes at the back. They fall of the shaman dispirits the rest of the lizardfolk and the party eventually defeat them.

When they examine Tito’s body they find that he is badly wounded and unconcious, but not dead. Morythas is able to heal him somewhat, but the entire party is in a bad way. They decide to find a bolt hole and rest. However as they discuss this, Morythas is poking around in the chamber. He disturbs something and the entire chamber is filled with a high pitched screeching sound. This attracts a carrion crawler, which they manage to fight off, but then they head back upstairs, battered but wiser and rest the night.


Kleris' Vision
20th of Aryth, 1036

Nothing exists. No colour, no light, no darkness. Then, in that emptiness a single mote of existence. It grows and separates into four components. Fire, Air, Water, Earth.

Those four components separate further and mix with each other, a glorious mix of chaos. Then chaos creates life, elementals appear followed by other beings in a confusion of shapes and colours.

Dragons grow and fight. One is destroyed, and another is restrained. 3 dragons locked together and life appears on them and inside them.

The chaos takes shape and starts to become beautiful. A pattern begins to emerge, but life does not understand the patterns and causes breakages and errors in the pattern.

Then around the three dragons, four moons come into focus. One made of water comes close, followed by the others made of fire, air and earth. They merge with the dragons and break them into their original four components. They have reclaimed them.

Life cannot survive the purity of the elements and ends. All is still. The four elements slowly reduce, until nothing is left by a single mote of existence, which blinks out of existence.


The abandoned temple of Dol Arrah
20th of Aryth, 1036

As they party are discussing the best way to enter the temple, a ragged, dirty exhausted halfling stumbles out from the swamp. “Help me” he gasps.

He is Tito. They heal him and explains he was on a skyship that was stopped by The Feathergale Knights on Hippogriff. He tells the party that for some reason the Knights seems offended that the captain would enslave an elemental to run a skyship. They then used a device to release the elemental causing the ship to plummet into the swamp. The crew were killed (if not by the fall, then by the knights afterwards) but Tito managed to escape. He has been wandering aimlessly through the swamp for days.

The party explain their mission and Tito decides to assist them.

At this point Kleris seems to go into some sort of a trance. The wyrmling moves over to protect him.

They party decide not to wait and enter the temple. They fight a number of lizardfolk and giant bugs and then are forced to rest. They bring Kleris (who is still in a trance) in out of the rain. They then fight stirges and giant lizard and find stairs going down into the dark…


Dragon hunting through the swamp
13th to 20th of Aryth, 1036

Weather: Rain, rain and more rain.

The reinforcements race through the day and night and arrive at Drum keep just after midnight. There is no dragon there, although the keep had been attacked by mutant lizardfolk.

It turns out that the dragon left without hurting anyone after its demands were met. Countess Yassiv ir’Oeskai, the owner of Drum keep explained what the Dragon wanted:

“An altar. A half-forgotten relic left behind by my ancestors. It was made of blue coral, with sides that looked like crashing waves. It’s been locked away in the dungeons of this castle for years. I’m not sure how the dragon knew of it. It seemed a fair price to pay for my soldiers’ lives.”

The characters go down into the dungeon to investigate the room where the altar was and see it is in a similar water theme, with a massive carving of a trident on one wall. Sir Isteval notes the curiosity of the characters and the next morning asks them to go on a special mission for him – to find the lair of the dragon. He notes that they should under no circumstances approach the dragon, but he wants to know where it is.

Maechen and Ainm Lu have arrived at the keep by this point, and Maechen volunteers the two of them to join this task.

The party head off through the swamp. It is slow, wet, miserable going, but apart from scaring off some giant lizards at night they have no dangerous encounters.

They do find a magical gazebo and from there they find humanoid boot trails leading into the swamp. Following the trail leads to a ruined goblin fortress with a Orchish Shaman (Mama Booga) and her 8 half orc, half dwarf sons. They act very suspiciously and when the party try to delve they attack. The party kill two of the boys and seriously wound the mother. At this point the orcs surrender and let them know the following points.

  • The orcs were responsible for the attack and raid on Lord Floshen’s manor in Xandrar. They admitted to stealing an stained glass altar (although they do not mention the captured servants). They were working under the instruction of a powerful wizard named Arvik Zaltos. They passed the altar on to a black dragon.
  • They knew the dragon and the lizard folk were going to attack the keep. They took the opportunity to raid the dragons lair and they stole an egg.
  • They claim to be decendants of the Belsilmer clan of Dwarves, they wanted to raise money to fund a quest to take back their ancestral homelands.

The party go and check out the egg. At Kleris’ approach, the egg hatches and a wyrmling black dragon bonds with him. They debate killing the dragon, but defer the decision.

The orcs give the party directions to the temple so they head off. On the way they find a crashed sky ship ‘The Vengence of Sam’ and camp there the night. They continue their journey until they find their way to the temple…


18th Aryth – The skyship Tito is travelling on crashes in the swamp. He wanders aimlessly for two days until he finds the temple as the party are preparing to enter.

The Adventure begins
12 day of Aryth, 1036

In the morning: The Changeling wizard, Arvik Zaltos, is hanged.

Mid day: A dragon is attacking Drum Keep. Sir Isteval calls troops to Market Square to do what they can to help. A group of 100 assembles and heads off through the driving rain towards Drum Keep.



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