Eberron Revisited - Heroes of Xandrar

The Sacred Stone Monastery
8th - 11th of Olarune, 1037

The group (excepting Tur Turro) find themselves exiting the blue door in the dark, back in the hills where Morythas and Aimn Lu left. They are forced to make a makeshift camp and an inadequate fire and shiver through a harsh winters night.

The next morning, they decide that they must do what they can to stem the danger posed by the cults, and that they are unlikely to get any help from the King now. So they decide to head on to the Sacred Stone monastery. They travel for two days through rough terrain until eventually they find a trail. They then follow the trail which leads directly to the monastery.


They arrive at mid morning, and send some time scoping out the building. As they are watching, two people exit the building and begin walking down the trail. They are wearing brown robes and gargoyle masks. They follow and attack the two monks, and take their robes.
Layna and Aimn Lu then don the robes and masks. They pick the lock on the gate to the walled garden at the back. Layna and Aimn Lu walk through without issue, but when Tito and Morythas enter, gargoyles attack them. The gargoyles are easily defeated and Layna and Aimn Lu decide that they should enter the building in disguise and reconnoiter. The pick a door (which is unlocked) and enter.

They find themselves in a large room which is obviously some sort of temple, with wide stairs in the middle of the room leading down into darkness. A dark haired man stand behind the altar doing something with a dagger, while two men in what looks like stone armour stand and watch.

“What are you doing here,” says the dark haired man, “you know you are not to disturb me. Get out”

“Sorry boss,” slurs Aimn Lu, pretending to be drunk, “we were just out there and wanted to come back in. What’s going on?”

“I said get out,” says the dark haired man, “How dare you disobey me. Leave now.”

“Don’t pay any attention to us,” says Aimn Lu, “we’ll just pass through and…”

“That’s it,” snaps the dark haired man, “I will not stand such disobedience.” He looks at the men nearby. “Dispatch them”, he says.

The guards move in to attack. The heroes move into the room and take them on. However as the dark haired man sees the non-disguised halfling and Dragonborn enter he realises that this is not just drunken insubordination.

“Wait, stand down. There has obviously been a misunderstanding” he says as Layna moves towards him. However she notices that he is moving towards a small lever on the wall and starts slashing at him. He runs towards a small door as the guards move to protect him.

He runs through the door and down a small hall, but Aimn Lu is too quick and splits his head apart as he attempts to open another door. The guards are quickly dispatched and the group explore the temple. They note that it was once a dwarven temple, but the runes have been carved out and new carvings of the elemental earth symbol have replaced them.

Aimn Lu is curious about where the dark haired man was fleeing to, so tries the door and sees that it leads to an empty dining hall. He tries another door and sees people in robes and masks cooking in a large kitchen. They see him and stop, staring.

“Well, don’t just stand there”, he snaps at them, “Get that dinner out here now.” The cultists look at him in his servants outfit and then hustle into action. The rest of the party join Aimn Lu for a nice meal.

Part way through the meal, a large number of other cultists enter the room, see the group sitting and eating. Stop momentarily, and then sit and start eating, giving them sideways glances throughout the meal.

When the characters finish eating they return to the temple and decide to go down the stairs. As they descend, Layna notices that there are scrape marks that indicate that the stairs have a mechanical trigger that can turn them into a slide. They descend warily.

At the bottom they find that they are in a room where a mutilated Umber Hulk is held at bay in a cage. The only other exit is through a bronze door which they manage to unlock and open and they find themselves in a tomb where they are attacked by zombies. These are easily dispatched and the group heads onwards through the tunnels.

They try a door, and see an ogre lying on the floor with other creatures in nearby beds. But the ogre is immediately alert. “WHO’S THERE?” he yells, “HEY GUYS, DERE’S SOMEONE COMING IN.” The party shut the door and decide to head onwards, but as they walk away, the door opens behind them….

The Blue Door
8 Olarune, 1037

The heroes join the king and a number of nobles for the most extravagant dinner they have ever had. They meet with more nobles , but Mythoras finds himself sitting next to Lady Haraan Sora, the Dragonborn delegate from Droam, and spends the entire evening talking with her. It is clear after an hour that both are very interested in each other.

Meanwhile, the heroes chat with some of the nobles they met in the throne room, as well as:

Rukan ir’Calas – a wealthy and well known noble, famous for throwing the best parties. He invites the group back to his mansion to partake in ‘exotic pleasures’ after dinner ends.

Merrix d’Cannith – One of the kings advisors, he is the son of the famous Merrix d’Cannith who established a secret warforge in Sharn during the Treaty of Thronehold, which has now produced over a thousand warforged to serve the king as guards and soldiers.

Antus d’Kundarack (Dwarf) – Representing house Kundarak who have acted as the kings banker for some time. Other nobles note that Antus had come to Wroat to call on the kings debts. Confiscating the property of the nobles associated with the Featherspire has enabled the king to pay off those debts.

Layna talks more with Phillis ir’Daln and is very tempted by her offer to work for the Kings Citadel. She looks for Vitor d’Deneith, but he does not appear to be at the dinner. However later he enters the room in an obvious hurry. He goes to the king and talks quietly to him. The king freezes in shock for a moment and then goes into a rage, throwing his plate at a wall and splattering food.

“NO…. NO! This is not acceptable. How dare they, how dare that petty bunch of so called councillors. Sharn cannot ‘declare independance’. This will not happen.”

He looks around and realises that the room is full of people staring at him

GET OUT,” he screams, “all of you out. I would be alone. Now. GET OUT

Everyone hurries for the door. As they are leaving, Lord Rukan speaks to the group. “I assume you haven’t found a place to stay yet. My offer is open, come to my mansion. I see no reason for the festivities to end so early.”

“Our apologies my lord,” replies Layna, “I do believe that for us the festivities are over tonight. I feel that tomorrow will be an extremely busy day based on what has just happened and we must all be at our most alert and able”.

“Come come, Lady Layna,” responds Tur Turro, “These petty politics have nothing to do with us. I for one am intrigued to experience the hospitality of one as famous as yourself Lord Rukan.”

In the end, only Tur Turro decides to go. The rest of the group get a servant to arrange rooms for them within the kings citadel. While they are waiting for their rooms to be prepared, they decide to examine the blue door that had appeared in the Throne room.

Despite much examination, they are unable to discern the nature. Layna decides to open the door to see what is on the other side. As soon as she does she is sucked through it. At this, the rest of the group decide to enter the portal that is revealed, rather than have Layna seperated….


King Bortan
19 Zarantyr - 8 Olarune, 1037

Layna, Tito and Tur Turro travel for nearly another 3 weeks towards Wroat. Along the way they see more evidence of hurried escape, including families with all their possessions in wagons.

After a long, weary and cold journey through the middle of winter, they arrive at the walls of Wroat. The gates are closed, but open for the warforged army that is with them. When they enter they see that most of the guards are warforged of obviously the same manufacture as their companions. It is explained that they have come due to a summons by the king, so they are quickly escorted to the King’s Citadel. As they go through the city they notice that, apart from a large number of warforged guards, the streets are nearly empty. The only people in sight stare blankly at the group as they pass by. Despite that, the contingent escorting them form a protective phlanx around them as they travel, and appear to be on high alert.

They enter the citadel, and are taken down opulent passageways to the throneroom. At last, people – the throneroom is full of people in extravagant clothing chatting amongst themselves or looking towards the throne – mostly human, but there is also a dwarf and a dragonborn. The dragonborn is flanked by two ogres. There are obviously well dressed guards among the people, as well as a contingent of guards on an upper balcony, all well armed with crossbows and all watching the crowd intently.

At the end of the room, sitting in a strange throne is the king. The throne itself is covered in valves and wheels, and occassional bursts of steam come out vents in the side and top. The king himself looks strangely ageless. He is currently listening intently to an angry noble.


“…and confiscating their holdings. My king, you risk so much in taking this move.”, says the noble, “Please your majesty, I beg you release the families you have taken. I know many of these people and I tell you they are innocent.”

The king looks intently at him and then replies in a soft voice, “Lord ir’Donathorn, you should not dare to publicly dispute my ruling and you reveal much in doing so. Some of those families are traitors. Why else would so many enrol their children in the Feathergale Knights if they did not know of their relationship with the Swords of Liberty. I agree, there may be some who are innocent and questioning will reveal their guilt or innocence. As for their property? I am king, all property is mine. They gave up their right to own anything when they sent their children to a traitorous organisation. As for you, it seems that you seem to hold much attachment to those who would overthrough me. Perhaps you should also be put to the question. Guards.”

A number of guards materialize from amongst the crowd and take the man away. He struggles as he is taken, crying and babbling.

The king then discusses the situation with two men who move to his side. Layna recognises one of them as Vitor d’Deneith. He is the reason she was forced to leave after she had informed her superiors of his apparent corruption.

The king looks up and gazes at the crowd. “Let us move on from that unfortunate lapse of judgement of Lord ir’Donathorn. I hear that some heroes have arrived. No other than the heroes of Xandrar who are responsible for the defeat of the Feathergale knights. Previous to that, they were known for the slaughter of a black dragon who had been terrorising the area. Heroes indeed. Step forward my friends, and tell me your tale.”

Layna, Tito and Tur Turro step forward and Layna give a military report detailing all that happened and all that was found. The key points are:

  • The Feathergale Knights were part of a cult of air seeking to bring the elemental prince Yan-C-Bin into the world. The group defeated the knights and the cult and destroyed the portal that was in the process of being opened.
  • There are three other cults still active that must be attended to, and the group respectfully requests more troops in order to defeat this threat.
  • The group has never seen any signs of an organisation called the ‘Swords of Liberty’
  • They did not defeat the black dragon. It is still in the swamp and has stated an interest in destroying the elemental cults.

All three of the heroes feel a strange urge to emphasise the part Morythas had to play in this, and as a result Morythas is painted as the leader of the group and the key to the defeat of the cult. The dragonborn in the room looks very interested in this.

“This is very interesting my friends,” says the king, “but where are your companions Morythas and Aimn Lu. I expressly requested that all of you attend. Would they refuse this honour?”

“Your Majesty, Morythas and Aimn Lu are still in the hills, trying to defeat the elemental cults,” replies Layna, “We attended as representatives of the entire group. We are sorry if…”

At this point nervous shouting at the back of the chamber makes everybody look back. The crowd are pointing at an old blue door that is in the wall in the back of the room. A door that wasn’t there before. Guards move forward and draw their weapons. Up on the balcony crossbows are raised.

The door opens, and Morythas and Aimn Lu enter the room. But they are transformed. Mythoras isnow wearing a set of magical armour made of glimmering fish scales and shells. It shines as if it is permanently wet, even though it is dry to the touch.

Aimn Lu is dressed in the height of servant fashion, with a lovely black bowler hat, waistcoat with tails, a clean white shirt, crisp black pants and serviceable shoes. He also carries a sizable, but light, carpetbag and appears to have had a haircut. These restrictive clothes feel very uncomfortable to him.

“Halt right there,” shouts one of the guards, stepping forward with sword raised as if to strike.

“Your majesty,” shouts Layna, “these are our companions. I do not know what force has brought them here, but I give you my word that they are our friends”

“Weapons down,” states the king in a low voice, “step forward and let me look at you”.

Morythas and Aimn Lu walk into the middle of the room with very confused expressions. Mythoras notices the other Dragonborn in the room and stares at her in amazement and confusion. He has met her once before, and she was the object of his affection that the Djinni had said he would help him with. She looks back at him with appraising eyes.

“I think we have much to talk about,” says the king, “the Heroes of Xandrar will be joining me for dinner tonight and then we will have much to discuss in private.”

The King gets Mythoras and Aimn Lu to update on what has happened since they parted from the rest of the group. The king then dismisses them and invites them to chat with the crowd as he finishes with the rest of the people who wish to talk with him.

Next on the list is the Dragonborn in the crowd. She steps forward with her two ogre bodyguards. “Your Majesty, I am Lady Haraan Sora. I speak for Sora Katra of the 5 sisters of Droam. We have discovered a rich supply of Kyber shards and wish to deal directly through legitimate channels rather than through the Daask. We believe that the old trade embargo that your father established benefits nobody but criminals. Droam is now long established as an independent state. We would ask that you consider the world as it is now and look towards the future rather than the past….”

The heroes hear no more as a number of nobles appoach them and want to talk. While the king is talking they meet:

  • Kor – the uncle of the king and the head of the army. He is very interested in the party.
  • Phillis ir’Daln – Recruiter for the kings citadel. She is interested in speaking further with Layna, explaining that now that the accord of Thronehold is dead, there is no reason why House Deneith members cannot work directly for the king.
  • A number of other minor nobles, all keen to invite the heroes to events or to their homes.

After a while the petitions to the king ends and a selection of people (including the heroes) are taken by servants to dinner.

Remember the Dragon?
21st - 22rd Zarantyr, 1037

Aimn Lu and Morythas leave the Featherspire and climb down the side of the valley. They begin heading alongside the river but as they walk along, they look back and see a dark shape take to the air near the Featherspire. The shape is unmistakable, it is a huge black dragon, and it is flying straight towards them.


Aimn Lu dives for cover and hides in the bushes, but Morythas realises they have already been seen and waits for the dragon to reach them. It lands directly in front of him and rears up.



It looms menacingly above Morythas. It is obvious in this moment that these are his last moments – there is no way Morrythas and Aimn Lu can defeat this creature.

Morythas girds his loins and replies ""We know nothing of this Tinderstrike. we have bravely attacked the cult of air and defeated the evil mistress. We are now on our way to the sacred stone monastery to continue our quest against the elemental cultists."



“Ah, respected older brother, I see the issue now. That woman has been absent from our group for weeks now. I had no idea that the noble lord of xandrar would have such dishonorable people on his staff. It’s difficult to know who one can trust these days. All I can offer is that if MaeChen and our paths should cross I will endevour to retrieve this Tinderstrike, a weapon I can only guess, should you grant me leave to do so. "


The dragon gathers her strength and launches into the sky, heading south. Soon she is just a speck in the sky. Morythas and Aimn Lu stand in the drizzle and watch her for a long time.

They continue onward through the hills. The weather starts to improve and the next day is fresh but sunny. They are walking along a narrow path when they see a large blue door placed in the side of a small cliff. An inscription at the top of the door reads “Mythoras and companions”.

Morythas steps up and open the door. A shimmering light is on the other side and the two companions are immediately pulled through.

They fall for a long time. When you emerge on the other side of the door, they are changed.

Mythoras isnow wearing a set of magical armour made of glimmering fish scales and shells. It shines as if it is permanently wet, even though it is dry to the touch.

Aimn Lu is dressed in the height of servant fashion, with a lovely black bowler hat, waistcoat with tails, a clean white shirt, crisp black pants and serviceable shoes. He also carries a sizable, but light, carpetbag and appears to have had a haircut. These restrictive clothes feel very uncomfortable to him.

On the trail
15th to 20th of Zarantyr

Mythoras, Aimn Lu, Deseyna Majarra and Tur Turro travel from Xandrar with the Warforged Army and House Deneith Mercenaries to Drum Keep.

At Drum Keep, Mythoras and Aimn Lu part ways, travelling with the House Deneith Mercenaries towards the Featherspire. There they plan to install the mercenaries to hold the Featherspire and keep the local area safe from cultists. Then they plan on following Layna and Tito to the Sacred Stone Monastery.

Tur Turro and Deseyna Majarra continue onwards with the Warforged Army, travelling towards Wroat so that Tur Turro can represent the adventuring party to the king, and so that Deseyna can finally complete her journey to report to the king.

Mythoras and Aimn Lu travel through the hills with the Deneith mercenaries. Aimn Lu is surprised to find that they are good people – his house has had unpleasant relationships with them in the past.

At the end of the first day, the skies open and frigid rain pours down, making travel along the narrow path through the hills to the Featherspire difficult. You are forced to camp in uncomfortable conditions and don’t manage to make it to the Featherspire by the end of the next day and are forced to camp again.

The next day at midmorning, you arrive at the Featherspire, cold and weary. The mercenaries immediately secure the fort, get the fires roaring and you all dry out. There is still plenty of food here, although the fresh food is now unusable, and a small feast is held. You stay another night at the Featherspire. The next day the rain continues, though it is now more drizzle that anything.

A Meeting on the Road
15th to 19th of Zarantyr

Mythoras, Aimn Lu, Deseyna Majarra and Tur Turro travel from Xandrar with the Warforged Army and House Deneith Mercenaries to Drum Keep.

At Drum Keep, Mythoras and Aimn Lu part ways, travelling with the House Deneith Mercenaries towards the Featherspire. There they plan to install the mercenaries to hold the Featherspire and keep the local area safe from cultists. Then they plan on following Layna and Tito to the Sacred Stone Monastery.

Tur Turro and Deseyna Majarra continue onwards with the Warforged Army, travelling towards Wroat so that Tur Turro can represent the adventuring party to the king, and so that Deseyna can finally complete her journey to report to the king.

A day out, just as you pass the river going up to Rivergard Keep, the sky opens and heavy, frigid rain falls. Welcome back to midwinter – it doesn’t seem to discourage the warforged. Luckily the army is well equipped and you spend the night under canvas, up on higher ground in case the river floods.

Another half day later, trudging through the rain the group see a couple of horsemen riding towards them. It is Tito and Layna. A happy reunion takes place with the bedraggled heroes. Tito and Layna are absolutely exhausted.

But this brings another decision point as Tito and Layna hear that:

• Mythoras and Aimn Lu are planning on making their way through the hills to the Sacred Stone Monastery.
• The party have been summoned by the king. Only Tur Turro is going to Wroat, however, as a representative of the group.

They decide to join Tur Turro, make their way to the king and respectfully request more troops to take out the cult enclaves for once and for all.

Scoping out the Earth Cult
8th to 14th of Zarantyr

Layna, Tito and Deseyna Majarra awake the next morning in the Featherspire. After a nights rest, Deseyna is much recovered and explains that she explains that she is a member of the missing delegation that was heading to Wroat with a warning of increasing elemental activity in the area and how it fit into a piece of draconic prophecy found in the Eldeen Reaches.

Her party had been waylaid by what she now knows to be earth cultists and were being taken into the hills when the cultists were attacked by knights riding hippogriffs and vultures. She was rescued and taken from the scene while the battle continued. However she soon realised that her rescuers were members of a different cult. She was taken to a temple of the air where she was tortured for information before being imprisoned.

Now that she is free, she is keen to return to Xandrar as quickly as possible to inform the Mayor of her rescue and to gather suitable protection to accompany her to Wroat. Layna and Tito are keen to accompany her, but decide that it is now even more important to understand the nature of the cults. They decide to travel cross country to where Thurl had told them that the Sacred Stone Monastery was located.

So that morning, the two rescuers part from their rescuee. Deseyna makes her way towards Drum Keep alone through the hill trail, while Tito and Layna head into the hills.

Tito and Layna walk through the hills for several days, and defeat a number of small encounters with predators. They shiver through cold nights and frosty mornings.

On the 11th, at about midday, they find a narrow path going through limestone bluffs. Instead of following the path, they climb the bluffs and make their way above the path. They find that the path opens out to a hidden spot in the rock formations that houses a massive and well fortified building. The roof is tiled and a walled garden is at the back. From their high vantage point they see that there are statues in the garden that look particularly realistic and have shocked expressions. They remember what they were told of the earth cult being led by a medusae and decide to continue with a low profile. They scope around the outside and find a number of possible entrances but decide that discretion may be in order.

They watch the house for the rest of the day, but no-one enters or exits. They shiver another night on the bluffs and then decide that it is time to return to Xandrar. However they realise that they would be faster to continue in the same direction and head to the town of Black Pit.

It takes them till lunchtime on the 14th to get to Black Pit, but it takes very little time for them to realise that this is not a town that they want to stay in. The village is named after the geological anomaly beside which it lies, an enormous black hole, which locals believe leads to Khyber itself. Horrible sounds and vapors emanate from the chasm, and those brave or foolish enough to try to scale the walls have encounters monsters which inhabit its cave-riddled slopes.

The village is a depressing shambles and a mix of poor examples of architecture from across Khorvaire. It is home to thieves, murderers and other refugees from all the Five Nations. There is a thriving black market where the two heroes buy some sorry looking horses at a ridiculous price and leave the town as quickly as they can.

The Call of the King
7th to 15th of Zarantyr

Tur Turro, Aimn Lu, Mythoras and the remenants of the army they led head back towards Xandrar.

At Drum Keep a message is sent to the Mayor of Xandrar to inform him of the outcome of the sortie, and then they continue onward toward Xandrar the following day.

Although it is the middle of winter, the weather is unseasonably warm. When they arrive at Xandrar, 4 days after leaving the underground city, the group are greeted with a cheering crowd. A rumour has gone out and all of Xandrar knows of the heroes who cleared out the evil cult causing earthquakes, storms and floods.


The heroes are greeted officially by the Mayor and a celebration ensues. Eventually you are able to make your way to the Mayors palace where he informs them that a preliminary report has been sent to the King, and that he awaits a full report. Sir Isteval takes care of this.

The next day they are summoned to the palace where you are informed that the king has called for the heroes of Xandrar to return to Wroat with the Warforged army to attend him.

“There is still the matter of the other cults though”, exclaims Mythoras, “It was a bit preemptive to have a parade”.

Tur Turro proclaims “My good sir, the parade is not for me, I mean us, it is for the people.
The good people need reassurance for moral they need to see me, I mean us.”

Aimn Lu looks on in disgust.

Tur Turro is keen to go to the king, but thinks that waiting for Tito and Layna would be best. .

“Seeing as we know the location of the Riverguard Keep and have already weakened their forces, We might use the army to assist in moving the water cult on”, says Mythoras, “Strike while the iron is hot. While we have an army we may as well use it”.

The Warforged are not interested in taking on Rivergard Keep though:

“We have orders from the King to accompany you to Wroat. We await your companions and then we will depart. We have no orders to take on any other designated enemy, and even if we thought it appropriate our numbers are depleted and the statistical likelihood of success is much reduced. I suggest that you make your case for more troops to the King. In light of your recent success and the discoveries you have made I believe he will assist you. We will be recommending this course of action if asked”.

However after two more days of rest and recuperation, there is no sign of Layna and Tito.

Aimn Lu looks to see if Maechen has returned, but there has been no sign of her. However Captain Targ takes him aside to tell him that there have been sightings of a dragon flying high above the city. “Possibly the mate of the one you killed”, he says suspiciously. Captain Targ now seems to be more chummy and deferential than before now though.

On the 15th of Zarantyr , on a cold and raining mid-winters morning, the possible leader of the warforged meets with the three heroes to tell you that they are no longer able to wait for their companions and that they will be departing for Wroat that very morning. He suggests that Mythoras, Tur Turro and Aimn Lu leave with them, and warns that the king is of a mercurial temperament and may not take it well if his summons is not heeded.

At this point a message arrives from the Mayor requesting their immediate attendance

The heros manage to delay the warforged just a little longer and head to the palace. There, the mayor introduces them to a strong but weary looking woman, Deseyna Majarra. She explains that she is a member of the missing delegation that was heading to Wroat with a warning of increasing elemental activity in the area and how it fit into a piece of draconic prophecy found in the Eldeen Reaches.

Her party had been waylaid by what she now knows to be earth cultists and were being taken into the hills when the cultists were attacked by knights riding hippogriffs and vultures. She was rescued and taken from the scene while the battle continued. However she soon realised that her rescuers were members of a different cult. She was taken to a temple of the air where she was tortured for information before being imprisoned.

She had been imprisoned for some time when two adventurers called Layna and Tito found her and rescued her from her demon guards. They also managed to get past powerful air cultists and destroy a portal that had been prepared for the summoning of a powerful elemental prince – Yan-C-Bin.

They then returned with her to the Featherspire, where the two heroes laid a plan for attacking the earth cult. They left the next morning through the hills to a place they called the Sacred Stone Monastery. She travelled alone to Drum Keep and then through to Xandrar.

This settles the plan for the group. Tur Turro decides to travel with the Warforged army and Deseyna Majarra as a representative for the group.

Mythoras and Aimn Lu request further troops from the Mayor to defend the Featherspire. They are granted 15 House Deneith mercenaries. Mythoras and Aimn Lu decide to travel to the Featherspire, establish the new guard and then follow Layna and Tito to the Sacred Stone Monastery.

It takes till midday to get everything ready and then they all leave Xandrar once more…

Down the Wormhole
7th of Zarantyr

Layna and Tito climb down the wormhole left by a dead purple worm. After a while a few tunnels lead off from the wormhole, and they find some strange magical backpacks with pullcords on the side. They both grab a backpack, but Layna still feels drawn downward so they continue downward until they emerge in a maze of tunnels through which breezes gust and blow.

They quietly sneak through the caves, occasionally using light sources, but mostly moving by other sources of light they find such as natural luminescence. While the caves are very interesting, they mostly find nothing of consequence, and continue on.

However, In one cavern they see two humans, an aarakocra, and an elf hang naked, suspended from hooks embedded in their flesh connected to chains. Blood pools on the floor beneath them. Beetles scurry along the floor, walls, and down the chains and onto the victims, which faintly struggle, rasp, and moan as a breeze turns them around and around. Debris, including tattered clothing and broken weapons, is scattered against the walls. One of the humans, though still alive, has had his stomach opened and his internal organs have been drawn out. While his organs are still attached to him, and he is still alive, you imagine that this won’t be the case for much longer.

Close nearby, heating a nasty looking hook in the brazier, is a creature of nightmares:


The creature is singing an offtune, raspy song to himself in some awful language. He is obviously happy in his work.

“Let’s not be heroes”, says Tito, “There are only the two of us here.”

Layna nods and they stealthily pass the cavern by….

They continue through caverns filled with glowing toadstools and find their way to a shallow underground lake. In the middle of the lake is a small island with a casket on it. One the yellow mould is cleared off the casket with a mage hand spell, an inscripton reads “Here rests Godwyd the Wyrmbane, dragonslayer and peacekeeper”. Inside they find a dwarven skeleton with battered armour and shield clutching a shining shortsword, the balde engraved with overlapping dragons. Tito takes it.

They continue on, avoiding danger in various places until they come to a chamber. As they have progressed through the caverns the wind has gotten stronger and it is obvious they are getting closer to whatever the source is. In this chamber they see two female prisoners tied to stone pillars. They have the air symbol carved into their foreheads.

Layna casts detect magic into the chamber and sees that something on the ceiling is being obscured by illusion magic. She then casts an illusion of her own and makes an image of Scholar Quanderil appear. The two prisoners quickly start talking to the image, but Layna and Tito cannot hear what they say over the howling wind. Layna then uses her mage hand to untie the knots on the ropes. One of the prisoners immediately jumps up and starts running – but straight towards Tito and Layna who dive back into the shadows. Not a moment too soon as two horrific huge demons decend from the ceiling and begin chasing the woman. When they run past Layna and Tito enter the chamber and continue through, up a tunnel from where the wind is coming.

The tunnel is guarded by wind priests, but Layna steps forward (as Tito ducks into cover), shows the spear, Windvane, and claims that she is now the leader of the wind cult, and as such will pass by unhindered. The priests discuss this amongst themselves and decide that she must be correct, as Yan-C-Bin would not allow anyone unworthy to hold the spear.

Layna makes her way into a huge chamber where spikes of stone jut upward like three immense claws. Between them, a churning thundercloud thrashes with lightning. Thunder cracks, and cascades of tiny rocks tumble from above. Beneath the thunderhead stands a raised area splattered with the blood of many sacrifices. A silvery window is sometimes visible in the center of the cloud. It opens onto clouds in an endless sky.

Two air elementals stand guard, but they stand to attention when they see the spear.

Layna realises that this is a portal to the elemental plane of air. As she does, the voice of Yan-C-Bin echos in her head. He explains how to create devastation orbs, and gives Layna the words to complete a ritual, allowing him to enter the world. He explains that if she does so she will have freedom and power. She will be able to take revenge on those who have wronged her.

Though tempted, Layna decides to stay on mission. As she has gotten closer to the portal she has felt the portal shuddering and Windvane pushing back against her. It is obvious that they are not designed to touch. She casts mage hand and pushes the spear into the portal.

The portal immediately begins to implode, sucking in rocks and pulling Layna towards the portal. She runs, avoiding guards, priests, cultists and other evil doers on the way out. Tito follows, only stopping to assist the surviving prisoner out with them.

They make their way out of the complex and all the way back to the featherspire where they rest for the night.

The Party Splits
7th of Zarantyr

The group stop for a good rest. Layna spends much of the time examining Windvane, the magical spear they took from the leader of the cult. At the end of the evening she decides that she will hold onto it for a while.The next morning, the army starts heading back towards Xandrar.Tur Turro and Aimn Lu join them, but the others hang behind.

Layna and Tito have discovered the skeleton of a giant purple worm and Layna feels drawn to explore the tunnel it has left. They go back to it and begin climbing down, using the bones as a ladder

Mythoras has the horn that he thinks controls the Djinni and so decides to go talk with it.
They chat for a while and then Mythoras reveals that he has the horn. The Djinni is very excited and tells Mythoras that if he were to destroy the horn he would gain the Djinni’s eternal gratitude. However Mythoras asks what would happen if he were to blow the horn.


“If you blow the horn, I must perform a task for you”, says the Djinni, “If the horn is blown while I am performing another task, then I am released from that task. The horn can be used only once in each 101 year period, so make sure you make a good request”.

Mythoras goes back into the dwarven city and finds an empty chest which he puts some of the looted treasure they have found into. He then writes a note to a high-cast dragonborn maiden from Greywall that he greatly admired, but never had the courage to approach telling her of his long held feelings and his desire to woo her. He then blows the horn and requests that the Djinni take the note and the chest to her.

The Djinni laughs and laughs for some time.

“Ah, thank you, thank you good fool. I told you that the horn only works once every 101 years, and if you blow it a second time then I am released from my task. Well you just blew it a second time. I am released from all obligations for another 70 years. Excellent. I will have so much fun. But look at the dismay on your face. My poor friend, don’t you worry. Never before has anyone made such an unambitious wish. All you want is a chance, just a chance of love. And for a girl you have never even met properly.”

The Djinni grins at you, “I will not fulfil the wish you have asked. I will do better. Give me the chest, give me the horn and I will help you achieve your dreams of love.”

He takes the items and disappears in a puff of mist. Mythoras stands and considers this for a wee while, and then hurries off to join Tur Turro, Aimn Lu and the army in their journey back to Xandrar.


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