After the death of their venerable and well loved sovereign, King Boranel, his oldest son, Bortan, took the throne. Over the last 20 years, Bortan has slowly removed many of the democratic changes his father put in place. He is considered to be a poor replacement for his father even as he has gathered more power directly to him. However many of the institutions his father put in place have proven difficult to remove and the various town and city councils remain in place, though with weakened overall influence.

Bortan has managed to lower the crime rate though, and a high number of corrupt officials have been revealed and removed from office. Many in Sharn and Wroat consider Breland to be a safer place under Bortan’s rule.

Breeland lost many people in the Great Rising, particularly in Sharn. However a high number of refugees from Thrane and Cyre meant that Breland was quicker to recover than other nations.



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