Swords of Liberty

This outlaw band of freedom fighters operates in small cells throughout Breland, engaging in acts of violence against the crown as well as taking on select missions beyond the Brelish Borders.

The Swords of Liberty have existed in various forms since the earliest days of the Last War, but the group has become more active in the past decade or so. The tenets of the Swords of Liberty are fairly simple and straightforward. The swords called for the abolishment of the Brelish crown and the formation of a new democratic government.

The organization attracts extremists and idealists alike and King Bortan has grown more and more concerned about the Swords and what they may do next. Since they have started attacking trade caravans and across the border the King has been forced to take military action against them. His troops in northern Breland are currently being assisted by the Xandrar City Guard.


Swords of Liberty

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