The Feathergale Knights

The Feathergale Knights are a semi-official branch of the Breeland King’s Guards.

Mainly members of the young and wealthy Breeland Aerial Mount Enthusiasts Society, they fly hippogriffs and giant vultures and patrol the borders between Aundair and Breeland. They are based in a tower in the blackcap hills, the Feathergale Spire. This lifestyle is considered the best training for the Race of the Eight Winds, an airbound race in Sharn which only the best riders can hope to compete in.

As well as checking skyships for contraband and correct papers, they also scan the blackcap hills for dangers that emerge from the black pit or the many caves that can be found.

The Feathergale Knights are known to be egotistical, vain and highly effective. It is rumoured that to becoming a Feathergale Knight is a good way to be noticed by the Kings Citadel, and that the best knights have disappeared to become members of that famous organisation.


The Feathergale Knights

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