The great rising hit Thrane the hardest. As Bel Shalor began to escape his bonds the High Cardinal Tasker decided to evacuate the entirety of the nation. Entire cities were emptied and masive refugee camps were established in Audair and Breeland. Many died in these camps due to disease and rising tensions and when the Great Rising occured the refugee camps became a slaughter ground with most of the slaughtered rising again to kill more of their fellow citizens.

Upon the fall of Bel Shalor, some of the surviving refugees returned to Thrane, but many established new lives in the nations they had found themselves in. However many of the native Aundarians who followed the more extreme versions of the Silver Flame moved in to fill the gap and have now colonized much of Thrane. That said, the towns and cities of Thrane seem empty now compared to the numbers that once existed.

The new High Cardinal, Bazibar Savarius, companion of the hero Durnik, has done much to reform the church from it’s previous inflexible viewpoints, but he struggles to convince previous Aundarians of the need for understanding. While there is no ‘Voice of the Flame’ many believe that he speaks without authority.

Much of Bazibar’s efforts are now expended in a search for the Voice of the Flame. Until this has happened there is disagreement as to whether the church should continue to follow the teachings of Tira Mon, or to follow the example of Durnik.

Thrane has good relationships with all of it’s neighbours. Part of this is due to the efforts of Bazibar and his companions, but also because other nations have also been severely weakened by the Great Rising. As such, the borders of Thrane have remained mostly unchanged since the end of the last war.


Thrane does not have a ruling monarch. The last queen died trying to defend a group of her people making their way to Sharn. There are rumours that an heir exists, but no clues have appeared to indicate whether there is any truth to this.

Bazibar Savarius is considered a wise and just ruler, but is known to disappear occasionally for long periods. He also considers himself to be a temporary ruler as he believes that the church should not (as a rule) sully itself in the day to day details of running a kingdom.

A great church has been built in Flamekeep to replace the one destroyed by Bel Shalor, and to house the Silver Flame. This has become a place of pilgrimage, and a small town has grown around the church to meet the needs of the pilgrims that visit and the clergy that tend the flame. This church was built with the support and assistance of Aundair and Breeland.


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