Faith is a pinkish-hued tiefling woman of average height. She has shoulder-length pink hair, prominent pointed ears and devilish horns that are typical of her race. She usually wears half-plate of rather ornate manufacture, carries a shield marked with a defensive sigil and a staff in the other hand, intricately carved with runes but somehow seemingly incomplete. She always wears a tattered black cloak that bears the symbol of a dragon skeleton with crossed dragon skeletal bones.


You remember parts your childhood. Growing up in the palace, cared for by hobgoblin maids and playing with hobgoblin children. You remember your parents held positions of some importance, though you do not remember what. It did mean that they spent much time away from the palace. You do remember that your mother had command of fire magic and as a child, if you had been especially good she would delight you with her command of fire.

One day, you remember being woken from your sleep by your father, “Come quickly little one”, he says, “the city is being invaded. They would slaughter our kind on sight”.

He takes you to the docks, where you see him give a human (one of the few you have seen) a small bag. He then escorts you onto the ship, giving you a ring with this symbol on it:

“Keep this ring hidden and safe”, he says, “we have had it for generations and it is part of an old prophecy”. One day, one of us will find it’s true owner. I am sending you on this ship. The human is a friend of your mother and me. Trust him, he will keep you safe. I will join you when I am able".

You remember watching as the docks fade from view, your father drawing a sword and striding into the streets. You never see him again.

Though you have clear memories of that night, you were very small, and you do not remember the details. Sometimes you wonder if what you remember are the stories you have told yourself. You don’t remember your parents names, where you lived or any particularly useful detail. He find that the symbol of the ring is that of The Blood of Vol (more below).

You remember you spent a long time on the ship, and in various port towns. But as you did not speak the human tongue, you did not really understand what was going on. You managed to cobble together some basic words over time, but the sailors on your ship shunned you, only paying you attention with a beating if you got in their way.

You remember the other ships, with lightning around them. Your ship being attacked, and the ship sinking. You manage to swim to the broken mast and float to the shore, battered and bruised.

You are found later by a patrol of Breeland soldiers. They take you to Sharn, where you are questioned by various people. But it is obvious you know nothing of value. They only clue to your past is the flag from the mast they found you with, bearing the symbol of a dragon skull with crossed dragon wing bones.

You are sent to an orphanage in the Cogs district of Sharn, where (as with all the orphans), you are forced to do dirty and dangerous work for your goblin masters. However, you are visited often by a priest of Aureon who donates food and healing to the orphanage. He notices you, the only tiefling and spends some time getting to know you. He is impressed by your ability to learn and inducts you into the faith where you become a young priest rapidly – showing great ability.

You see following the god of law and knowledge as a good way to try and find out about your past. As your tiefling name is unpronounceable to many of the priests, you come to be known as Faith.

From there, you feel the pull of the arcane and enroll in Morgrave University. This teaches you much about history and the arcane arts and you become known as ‘someone who can get things done’. You are also able to identify the flag you were washed up with as being from a Lhazaar pirate ship, so you travel to Lhazaar to try and find out what ship it came from.

Eventually you identify the ship as ‘The Pearl of the Deep’, owned by Gar Shatterkeel. However, this Shatterkeel has not been seen for many years. You return to Sharn.

Your growing ability has been noticed, and the university starts sending you out of missions to collect artifacts in dangerous locations. Once you are even sent to X’endrick to collect an ancient piece of giantish artifice.

One day, you are called to stand before the King. He has been informed of your ability and of your search for your parents. He tells you that King’s Dark Lanterns have found Gar Shatterkeel and that he is part of the group known as ‘The Swords of Liberty’. He introduces you to a half elf called Windharrow. He tells you that Windharrow had infiltrated the Swords and was instrumental in the destruction of a Cult of Air that were part of the Swords. He also tells you that a group know as the Heroes of Xandrar have also been taking on the Swords of Liberty with great success.

He asks you to remain in Wroat while Windharrow re-connects with the Swords, to send word when he can get you safely in. The King wants you to become part of the Swords of Liberty so that you can discover (what he suspects is) their deeper purpose and either stop it or turn it to Breelands advantage.

However, while you wait the kingdom goes into civil war, then the King himself is assassinated. You decide to find the Swords of Liberty yourself. You travel to Xandrar where you hear about the Feathergale Spire. You travel there, only to find it deserted and locked. You then discover and head down into the nearby temple of air where you are attacked by Umber Hulks. You are forced to flee down the tunnel of a dead purple worm and find yourself following a trail of dead harpies and a rust monster. You hear voices ahead and follow down a stairway beside a waterfall where you see three people chatting, a halfling, a half elf and a Dragonborn.

You recognise these people as some of the Heroes of Xandrar.

Appendix One: The Blood of Vol.

Your ring has the symbol of The Blood of Vol. It is magical, but you have never been able to figure out what the magical affect is.

Followers of the Blood of Vol call themselves Seekers and come from all walks of life though Seekers are predominantly human. Seekers do not believe in divine beings rather they seek the divinity within themselves believing in the life and godliness that flows through blood itself. The Blood of Vol tends to appeal to those who wish to improve themselves and those who are driven due to the faiths focus on the individual’s inner-self. Some followers join the religion because they believe that the concept of a god is unfathomable. Unfortunately the faith is incredibly appealing to death fetishists, necromancers and seekers of immortality.

Unfortunately, the ring could belong to any one of a number of people.


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