Eberron Revisited - Heroes of Xandrar

A new leader of the Water Cult

1st of Eyre

The party are face to face with Gar Shatterkeel, who has a wee chat with them. In it he explains that they are wrong in their assumptions about the elemental cults, and that the cults are just being used as a source of power for the Swords of Liberty.

The goal of the Swords of Liberty all along has been to free the Kingdom of Breeland from the yoke of tyranny, however the actions of the group have led to the earth and fire cults acting to summon the respective elemental princes in order to protect the cultists from the Heroes of Xandrar.

Shatterkeel explains that he did not want to summon the princes, but he now feels that he has to. He is worried that without a balancing force of water, the earth and fire princes will be a danger to the world. He is unsure that summoning his prince will work without a prince of air to be summoned, but the heroes have already destroyed that portal.

He invites the group to become part of the solution to the problems the kingdom faces. However, Layna is determined to destroy the portals. She invites Shatterkeel to give her the trident and says that if he does he will be free to go.

A back and forth ensues, with neither side giving ground. Eventually the inevitable happens and battle ensues. It is a close battle, with Morythas nearly killed. But Layna fights and defeats Shatterkeel single-handledly while the rest of the party deal with cultists and the crocodile. Windharrow escapes when he sees that the battle is not going his way.

With Shatterkeel defeated, Layna seizes the trident as Kir heals Morythas. As with the last elemental weapon she held, she immediately feels it trying to influence her mind, but she is confident that she has the strength of will to prevail. She realises that in order to destroy the portal she will need to take the time to attune herself to the weapon.

The group returns they way they came and finds a quiet spot to rest. During the break, Layna creates a bond with the weapon. She also realises that it always seems to be her that makes the sacrifices in the group, but also takes the greatest risks. It seems somehow unfair that she does not gain the greatest proportion of the treasure they find.

They head back down to the level of the water portal and Layna convinces the group that it would be best if she travelled alone to the portal using the globe of water in the first room. The rest of the party agree and Layna jumps in the globe which travels (as before) towards the portal chamber. However after a few minutes another globe forms, so Kir and Morythas decide to see if a globe can carry two. It can, and they follow on behind. Tito follows in another globe a few minutes later.

Layna has again cast an illusion on herself to match her colours to disguise herself in the globe. She has no encounters along the way, but when she enters the portal room and her globe pops, her mind is immediately assaulted by madness and she sees ripples in the water. She quickly climbs up the coral island to get out of reach of whatever is in the water and then casts invisibility upon herself.

This is her chance. She grabs the trident and goes to throw it into the portal. But then thinks again. Why should she? This trident could be very useful to her, and it has become precious. If she does not use the trident to open the portal, then it will not open. So why destroy it. Why is it always her that has to give up her treasure. And yet she knows that she is duty bound to destroy the portal.

While she is agonising over this decision, Morythas and Kir enter the chamber. When their globe pops, they are immediately set upon by an aboleth and two chules. The also clamber to the top of the island, but Morythas suddenly becomes crazed, trying to push Kir off the island. Kir manages to dodge aside and Morythas finds himself falling, scraping painfully onto the coral below. This pain clears his mind and he realises he was being controlled by the Aboleth. A battle ensues, but the two of them together are not match for the enemies they face. Layna is missing, and Tito has not arrived yet.

By the time Tito arrives, Morythas and Tito have been almost defeated. They decide that they need to retreat. The three of them jump into globes of water and start moving north, towards the entrance. They have lost, and they have also lost Layna.

While all this is occuring, Layna has been fighting a battle in her mind. She realises that with the trident, she will have power over all water creatures and will be able to create the powerful devestation orbs. By the time she has come to a decision her companions have fled, but Layna’s attitude to them has changed. They were never really her friends and with the trident she is better off alone. She decides to leave this place and find somewhere safe where she can work out what she should do next, and to consolidate her power.


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