Eberron Revisited - Heroes of Xandrar

Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting

16th to 26th of Therendor, 1037

The heroes decide that the best plan of attack is to take on the cults at the surface one by one and then attempt the deeper temples.

A small snag is the fact that they still do not know where the fire cult is based, but they are hopeful that by defeating Rivergard Keep they have ruined a source of supplies for all the cults.

Before they leave they spend some time trying to block the two exits from the water temple. They fill the river with all sorts of detritus which jams against the gate to the dock area. They then fill the secret stairway with pews from the temple. They spend some more time trying to make the keep generally unlivable.

Then they take a small ship for later use, and sail down to Womford. They bring the remaining servants of the keep with them, who they give a generous sum of money and send them on their way.

They stay one night in Womford where they learn that the villains they had identified on their last visit have now been executed, and the innkeeper of they inn they stayed at has now been elected as mayor. The town had decided to elect an official after threats had been received and they heard what had happened to other towns.

They head back up the river. The weather is much more pleasant this time, with the snow having melted and spring life awakening. They travel quickly and after a few days are within sight of the Feathergale Spire where they can see a couple of Warforged on top keeping watch. They have only had one encounter during that time – a pair of manticores which they easily dispatch. They turn into the hills finding the narrow trail that leads to the Monastery of Sacred Stone. When they get within a day of the monastery they leave the trail and move slowly and carefully to stay hidden. When they reach the monastery itself, they watch for as long as the light lasts. But nobody comes or goes from the building.

They decide to use the same plan as they did for Rivergard Keep, and at 3am climb through the narrow window into the main hall of the monastery. There are a few cultists in there, watching the door, but the heroes are able to surprise and kill them before they make a sound. They then move through into the kitchen area where a noisier battle ensues, but does not seem to disturb anybody.

The then head south into areas they have not previously explored, opening doors and checking as they go. However as Mythoras opens one door, he finds it is a little sticky and puts a bit too much muscle into it, causing it to bang open. This awakens the sleeping cultists within and a battle ensues. The sounds of battle alert sleepers in other rooms and the guards near the main entrance, some of whom flee to alert Hellenrae who is now in charge of the monastery.

Aimn Lu was sleeping in the room that was disturbed. In the last few weeks he has gone from being enchanted with the ideas that were put to him of freedom and democracy to disenchanted with the fact that he is just told what to do all the time. In fact, he feels no more valued than when he was a slave in the feywild.

When he realises that it is his old companions who are attacking, he decides to join with them and starts killing his new roommates with the monk moves he has been taught. However when this battle has ended, he uses the opportunity to gather some gear and leave. He is fed up with everyone telling him what to do and decides that the time has come for him to travel to Karnath on his own to try and find his family.

The rest of the companions need to move quickly to continue the momentum they have built up, but find that Hellenrae and the remaining monks have fled into the basement. They go downstairs where they are attacked by Orogs and and Ogre, but defeat them.


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