Eberron Revisited - Heroes of Xandrar

The defeat of the Earth Temple

29th to 30th of Therendor

The group realise that another battle is imminent. At this point they are already badly injured, so decide to retreat into Marlos’ room. The hope being that with a small door there will be a chokepoint and good cover so that they can take on one enemy at a time.

This appears to work well intially, with cultists and guards getting blocked at the doorway and only able to come in one at a time. However, then a Bulette comes into sight. The enemies move aside and the Bulette charges at the door, smashing the door and wall apart and opening a large hole in which enemies can enter. The earth wizard is seen at the back casting polymorph at Mythoras (unsuccessfully) and causing the earth to break apart under the heroes feet.

At this stage Layna has exited through a trapdoor and is watching a small path over the crevasse, and Kir takes fright, turns invisible and hides in the corner. Tito is quickly knocked unconscious and Mythoras finds himself alone in a small room, completely surrounded by enemies.

Fighting bravely, Mythoras manages to hold his own until Tito comes round and Layna is able to flank the enemies and kills the earth wizard before he is able to do much damage to the party. At that point the battle turns and the party are able to slowly whittle down the enemy numbers until they are defeated. All the inhabitants of the Earth Temple have been defeated, apart from the Dao who has no interest in them.

The group stop for a while to rest and recuperate before they plan their next move. They are worried that they may not have the capability to defeat Marlos and the Fane of the Eye, but Layna recalls (from when she had Windvane) that summoning an elemental prince takes time, and many sacrifices of sentient beings. She thinks they have some time yet, but not enough to go to the surface and get reinforcements. They also doubt that any help would be forthcoming with the beginnings of civil war imminent in Breland.

The group, remembering that all the temples appear to be joined decide to travel to the water again, but this time they will wipe out the cultists. They feel that if they wipe out the temples they may reduce the resources and capibility of their leaders to summon the elemental princes. After taking the time to loot the earth temple, they head back through the southern tunnel to the earth tunnel where they begin sneaking through the dark passages, slaughtering as they go. This time it is easier, as the sound of roaring water means that their slaughter of enemies is not heard by others.

As they walk, Morythas has a vision of a swirling mark, a mark of a dragon, a mark of power. He realises that something has happened. Something powerful. Something potentious. He knows hat every dragonpriest has had this same vision. Somewhere, a new dragonmark has appeared…


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