Eberron Revisited - Heroes of Xandrar

The depths of the earth

1st of Eyre

The remaining heroes sit on the stairway down to the pools, waiting for Layna. But after a while it becomes apparent that she is not coming. Something has happened to her.

The heroes are in no state to go down and search for her though. They are hurt and weary. They make their way to where they fought the rust monster to bandage their wounds and take a rest. They discuss what may have may have happened to Layna and are unable to come to a conclusion.

At this point, Faith (who has been watching invisibly for some time) makes herself known. She tells the party that she saw Layna exit the complex, carrying the trident, and that she had taken control of some water weirds along the way which had left with her.

They realise that whether Layna has betrayed them, or whether she has been influenced by the trident, she is now out of the picture. They also realise that they will not be able to close the water portal without the trident. So they decide to explore the fane further and try to find the way to the Earth Portal. Faith shows he magical ability, by being able to send an invisible centipede under doorways and into rooms to scope out areas before they enter. Through this they are able to avoid spectres and minotaurs. However one of the rooms looks hopeful, with a Kyber Crystal filled tunnel leading down deep into the earth.

Faith also finds the corpse of Shatterkeel. She is disappointed she was unable to question him, but thinks that his warforged claw may be a clue. She messily hacks it off and takes it with her so that she can hopefully find out where it was made.

The Kyber Crystal room has 2 hill giants sitting in the room playing tic-tac-toe. The heroes decide to enter and try and bluff their way past the giants, and manage to talk the giants into playing against them. They make a bet where the loser will reveal a secret, and Mythoras plays the first game against the giant called Maul.

Maul is easily beaten, but instead of living up to the bargain he made, he goes into a rage. The party are forced to fight. Faith polymorphs into a large and fierce dinosaur and the others shoot, kick and hack as normal. The giants are defeated and the party descends downwards.

They find themselves in a large chamber, with seams of Kyber Crystal lighting the space. At the other end of the room are two guards who start shooting when they see the party. It seems like an easy battle, but when Faith and Mythoras go to engage them, two earth elementals erupt from the floor. Mythoras is nearly killed. The party defeat these enemies, but one of the guards manages to escape and runs further into the tunnels.


Rabbitbait Rabbitbait

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